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The correct design of a promotional letter significantly affects the click-through rate of the newsletter. It is visual content and a well-written headline that provide an increase in the conversion rate. Here, the impact on the reader’s desire to find out more details, more information on a specific topic is triggered.

If the theme meets the request and meets the possibilities, the user responds to the offer and places an order or makes a purchase. However, it is difficult to guess which method will “hook” the consumer for sure, this should be left to professionals who:

  • take into account specific goals;
  • study the market and competitors;
  • view trends;
  • take into account the characteristics of the niche;
  • determine the target audience;
  • create the optimal version of the “catchy” design.

At the same time, it is important to adhere to the style of the brand and take care of a quick transition to the information, product or category of interest. Otherwise, the click-through rate will be high, and the conversion will not increase. Another important nuance is the moderation of advertising content. You can’t bother the user with offers, it’s important to keep a balance of simple notifications and advertising.


The visual trend is the basis of any modern design. Already this rule and a good engaging text can work wonders.

However, if we want to focus on design, then we have to take into account more details:

  • personalization (use of geolocation and other data to update information);
  • application of statistics (personal and from cases);
  • using only high quality images;
  • the introduction of images and inspiring associative series;
  • drawing a commercial parallel of the “object of desire” with the site that offers the solution.

At the same time, it is important to observe the integrity of all elements of the letter, as well as the logical chain of letters. It should be clear exactly what is being offered, why it might be useful to the user, and what are the simple steps to take to get it.

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What you need to know about designing emails for email marketing

Designing emails for email marketing is not just about adding a fun or serious image to your email. It is the visual presentation of content that works towards the same goals as the text content. In other words, all accompanying photos, graphics, and videos should enhance the informational component and possibly provide more context to interest the consumer in the commercial offering.

If you want to achieve a high level of advertising activity, you will definitely need email marketing design. The cost of this service in Ukraine is not inflated and can quickly pay off. The price is based on the following factors:

  • Number of designs;
  • Complexity of the task;
  • Urgency of completing the order;
  • Volume of work.

In individual situations, the price may also take into account other factors discussed with the client before starting work on the design. Therefore, you can simply call and find out the details now, and then, after weighing everything, order email design in our company and monitor the growing conversion rates. You will be surprised at how effective it is to attract professionals to the visual aspect of email.