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The creation of a catalog site in Ukraine is relevant for small and medium-sized businesses, this platform is most effective for companies focused on wholesale sales. The offer will be beneficial for those who manufacture large, expensive equipment to order. In this case, the price may change, the consumer will need consultation before buying. We also offer to create a site catalog for the promotion of new services, previously unknown to a wide circle.

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If you are planning a quick launch of the project, our web studio guarantees a high-quality result in a short time. The structure of the online catalog is simpler compared to the online store, so the preparation will be faster. We recommend choosing a catalog for companies that want to enter new markets and have launched contextual advertising. In this case, you will not need a full-fledged store.

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A catalog can be called a “detail” from an online store, when the second one includes more functions and has:

  • personal account (with individual login, password);
  • a basket for collecting several goods or delaying their purchase;
  • quick order button;
  • possibility of payment.

In the correct catalog there are no such possibilities, since most often such resources are engaged in the demonstration of complex goods. This means that the product is not sold in one click, but requires preparation and deliberation.

The user can familiarize himself with the list of offers, read the description and watch a useful video that reveals the product’s capabilities. However, after he has decided what he wants, he needs a consultation with a specialist, preparation of documents or a visit to an offline store so that the decision-making is as well-considered as possible. To do this, visitors are invited to fill out a feedback form or call the number specified in Contacts.

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catalog site

  • Site management system
  • Feedback form
  • Site visit statistics
  • Morphological search
  • News feed
  • Video on any page
  • Product filters
  • Travel map
  • Slide rotator
  • Respondent

Stages of site creation



Dialogue with the customer, goals and strategies, market analysis, identification of undesirable nuances, search for acceptable examples, taking into account individual wishes of the client



Carrying out a detailed development of each of the stages, drawing up a detailed technical task, coordination and correction with the customer



Development of one or more design layouts, coordination with the client, making adjustments if necessary and detailed pagination of the project



Involvement of back-end programmers and front-end programmers, who correctly write the code, work on its validity and adequate display in all browsers.



The final stage in creating a working website is the implementation of a system called CMS (administrative panel for managing the content of the site).



Filling the working site with textual and visual information that will satisfy the user's request and lead to the benefit of our client.

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Creating a Catalog Website

A catalog is a commercial type of website that presents a company’s range of services and products with detailed descriptions, contact information, and other useful information that can interest potential buyers. Developing a catalog website is cheaper than creating an online store, which is an advantage of this platform. The main focus is on the electronic storefront, and special modules such as payment and cart are absent, which allows you to save money while achieving an effective result.

The main tasks of the website are:

  • to familiarize the client with the main offers;
  • to answer questions and provide a clear description of services;
  • to provide contacts for consultation and subsequent orders;
  • It is important to place technical specifications of products, photos, and preferably also reviews from previous buyers.

Who Needs a Web Catalog?

Creating a catalog website in Ukraine is relevant for small and medium-sized businesses, and this platform is most effective for companies aimed at wholesale sales. The offer will be beneficial for those who produce large expensive equipment to order. In this case, the price may vary, and the consumer will need consultation before purchasing. We also offer creating a catalog website to promote new services previously unknown to a wide audience.

If you are planning a quick project launch, our web studio guarantees a quality result in a short time. The structure of the online catalog is simpler compared to an online store, so the preparation process will be more efficient. We recommend choosing a catalog for companies wishing to enter new sales markets by launching contextual advertising. In this case, a full-fledged store is not required.

Creating a product catalog for sales: main advantages

Informative brief descriptions

The advantages of a catalog website include the ability to provide users with a comprehensive description of products and services in a structured format with prices indicated. There is no need to write lengthy texts; the content is aimed at quick consumer reaction and motivation to make a purchase.

Updating information in the web catalog is also much easier than making changes to print materials. We will create a convenient administrative panel for you to manage content and keep data up to date. Developing a product catalog in Nikolaev will be a relevant solution for those who plan to quickly and effectively develop their business.

Round-the-clock shopping

At any convenient time, the customer can browse the range of products and make their choice. Regardless of weekends and holidays, there will be round-the-clock access to products, and the consumer can review information, familiarize themselves with prices and delivery conditions, and leave an application on your website. Company managers will provide feedback during working hours, thereby reducing the likelihood of refusals.

Large target audience coverage

Creating a product catalog allows you to expand your customer base, and more consumers will learn about your company, not only in your country but also beyond its borders. Take care of prompt delivery. It is enough to configure advertising correctly to attract not only future buyers but also new business partners, which will raise your business to a higher level.

What are the stages of creating a catalog website?

Our web studio specializes in creating turnkey online resources, which means that we perform all tasks related to the website from beginning to end, after which it is fully ready to function. We also offer further support for the platform. We work according to a clear plan, which reduces the number of errors and speeds up the creation process.

Development of strategy and preparation of technical assignment

Based on your requirements and wishes, the idea of the project is developed, and we start developing a step-by-step algorithm. We choose the most effective working methods and develop technical assignments based on which our employees perform their tasks.

Design of catalog website architecture

At this stage, the flexibility of the functionality is developed, and the logic of the project is worked out so that the placement of various elements is convenient for the user. The development of the catalog design begins, with stylish and high-quality graphics that will attract the audience.

Development of functionality when creating a catalog website

Approved layouts are coded, and previous ideas are transformed into working tools. For each project, we select technologies based on the company’s goals and desires. Our specialists control each step and provide reporting. Next comes the testing and launch of the catalog website. After checking for errors, we advise the client and help them learn to work with the administrative panel.

Reasons to order a catalog website from us By contacting our company, you get:

  • Fast and high-quality results due to the well-coordinated work of a professional team;
  • Thorough control at each stage of creation, timely reporting, and no hidden pitfalls;
  • Detailed technical documentation, and we will help you understand the administration of the website;
  • Creative ideas instead of template options, development of a unique project.

The cost of creating a catalog website in Ukraine is based on the complexity of the functionality, the number of elements in the structure, the design, and the possible use of third-party services during development. This website will be more cost-effective than an online store, as its cost is significantly lower. To discuss the cost of your platform in more detail, please contact our company, and we will immediately start working on the task.