landing page

with conversion up to 50%

is a simple and modern method of selling on the Internet

Stages of site creation



Dialogue with the customer, goals and strategies, market analysis, identification of undesirable nuances, search for acceptable examples, taking into account individual wishes of the client



Carrying out a detailed development of each of the stages, drawing up a detailed technical task, coordination and correction with the customer



Development of one or more design layouts, coordination with the client, making adjustments if necessary and detailed pagination of the project



Involvement of back-end programmers and front-end programmers, who correctly write the code, work on its validity and adequate display in all browsers.



The final stage in creating a working website is the implementation of a system called CMS (administrative panel for managing the content of the site).



Filling the working site with textual and visual information that will satisfy the user's request and lead to the benefit of our client.

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What is included in a landing page that sells?

Header that sells

It should hook the visitor and convince them to stay on the page to get more information.


Reveals the topic started by the main heading, short, informative, encourages the reader to study the topic further

Texts that sell

Readable, structured text elements that reveal the topic in detail and call for action (order, call, click a button)

Visual image

Influences the user through visual images that reinforce the idea to take advantage of the offer, forming confidence in the product

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Landing page development

Landing Page has become a popular method of online engagement. This is the creation of a landing that allows the company to increase sales, attract potential customers and advertise itself. The development consists of the following stages:

  • determine which audience it will be oriented at;
  • what it is created;
  • form its content;
  • to work out the landing page constructor.

The main purpose of the landing page is to advertise services, and goods, provide the client with a profitable offer, and quickly place his order. Many people create Landing Page as online points of sale, which absolutely any user will understand.

How a landing page can help your business

In the promotion and success of a business, Landing Page plays a major role. The landing page helps to attract customers, advertise the company’s services/products, and increase conversion. For the development landing to fulfill its functions, advertising to it with an active link is always placed on well-known Internet portals or social networks.

How does a landing work? The user sees an attractive advertisement that can interest him with the goods being sold, the headline, or other features. A person clicks on the ad and goes to the Landing Page. Such a page offers the purchase of a product/service, the features of which describe as much as possible. The start pages immediately feel a powerful call to action, because people get to buy and pay for what they liked in a few clicks. This is what business promotion means for an entrepreneur.

RocketCompany Studio’s landing page development process

Well-known IT studio RocketCompany Studio offers a wide range of services, including website development and Landing Page. The development of the landing page by the studio specialists is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • determines the product or service that will be advertised and sold;
  • chooses the site on which to produce a landing page;
  • the Landing Page itself is structured (code, programming language, etc.);
  • the purchase form is activated.

The more diverse and complex the product being sold, the more complete the Landing becomes. The specialist tries to attract a future buyer not only with bright inscriptions but also with a description of actions/products, reviews, and other useful features.

Our landing page design and development services

The cost of creating a landing page is determined by what design and what development principles were used. We offer to create a Landing Page according to the client’s requirements and give our design and functionality recommendations. Standard offer page, illustrations (preferably real photos), and CTA element.

When we create a landing page, we focus on

First of all, the development of the Landing Page is made taking into account the requirements of the client. We stipulate absolutely all the subtleties and conditions so that the customer gets a decent result in the end. The price of the landing page depends on what will be placed. We can create both a simple page with a minimum of information and a purchase form or a whole layout with useful data, reviews, and professional design. It all depends on what the customer’s goal is and who the Landing Page is aimed at.