Formation of the image, authority and recognition of the company


These online resources contain all important information about a company or individual. The advantage of the site is the possibility to place more information than on the printed product, including contact information and maps with the location of the office.

A business card site is in no way inferior to a corporate resource, but at the same time it is more economical. To order a turnkey business card site, tell us the basic information about your business, what services are the main ones, what we should pay attention to during development.

Stages of site creation



Dialogue with the customer, goals and strategies, market analysis, identification of undesirable nuances, search for acceptable examples, taking into account individual wishes of the client



Carrying out a detailed development of each of the stages, drawing up a detailed technical task, coordination and correction with the customer



Development of one or more design layouts, coordination with the client, making adjustments if necessary and detailed pagination of the project



Involvement of back-end programmers and front-end programmers, who correctly write the code, work on its validity and adequate display in all browsers.



The final stage in creating a working website is the implementation of a system called CMS (administrative panel for managing the content of the site).



Filling the working site with textual and visual information that will satisfy the user's request and lead to the benefit of our client.

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Development of a business card website

A business card website is a small information web resource designed for a brief presentation of a company, providing an advantageous online representation of your business. The development of a business card website is necessary for companies that wish to inform potential customers and partners about their main services and product advantages, without the need to create a full-scale corporate website. To order the creation of an inexpensive website and receive a quality result from a professional team of specialists, contact our company.

There are numerous services that offer to create online resources for your business independently, but a website made on the basis of a typical template has low-quality code and an inconvenient management system. In this case, the possibility of search engine optimization is minimized, and you will not be able to connect to the database or install functional modules. This solution will not bring you any profit, so it is worth turning to experienced specialists to get a ready-made business card website and the desired income.

The goal of creating business card websites

These online resources contain all the important information about a company or an individual. The advantage of a website is the ability to post more information than on printed products, including contact details and maps with the location of the office. A business card website is in no way inferior to a corporate website, but at the same time, it is more economical. To order a turnkey business card website, provide us with basic information about your business, what services are the main ones, and what we should pay attention to when developing it.

Structure of a business card website

A business card website can be a single-page or contain up to 10 pages, depending on the goals and wishes of the client. It is a ready-made platform that can have additional modules embedded in it, and new features can be implemented after its creation if, for example, you do not want to invest significant amounts into the project right away. The development of a business card website does not require much time or large investments, so you will quickly receive a quality tool for your business.

Main sections:

  • Home page. It contains a list of services or products offered by the company, with convenient navigation to allow users to easily access different sections of the website.
  • About the company. This section provides a description of the company’s activities and the advantages of its offers. It includes simple information that can quickly engage the audience, like that of a brochure website.
  • Service features. A concise brochure website should have separate pages for products with detailed descriptions, sorting, and product search functionality.
  • Promotions and current news. Periodic updates of website content are necessary to engage potential customers with attractive offers. Discounts help increase customer loyalty.
  • Portfolio. An effective brochure website includes a section with completed projects to showcase the results of the company’s work to its audience.
  • Contacts. Access to your contact information allows customers to quickly place an order or get a consultation.

Advantages of a brochure website for businesses

There are many advantages of having a website, and here are the main benefits for small businesses:

  • Low cost. Brochure websites are usually simple and require only one-time development costs, which are lower than those of a full-fledged corporate website.
  • Convenient and easy to use. All necessary information is distributed on one or several pages, making it easy for users to find the services they need.
  • Quick development. Creating a web resource takes from 5 to 7 days, allowing businesses to quickly start promoting their products and generating revenue.
  • SEO promotion and contextual advertising. Brochure websites are effective tools for business development, and with high-quality tools, your offers will appear among the top search engine results, attracting more customers.
  • A brochure website can be developed into a full-fledged website or even an online store over time. It gives you the opportunity to quickly update your organization’s information to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Cost of developing a brochure website

Despite having a small number of pages and simple functionality, brochure websites remain quite popular due to their low cost. The cost of a brochure website in Ukraine includes hosting, domain, development, content creation, and promotion. Payment for hosting and a domain is not mandatory and depends on how quickly you plan to launch the project and how much you are willing to invest. We invite you to order a brochure website in Mykolaiv right now so our specialists can start working on your project. We will bring your ideas to life and create a step-by-step development algorithm to complete our work within the agreed time frame.

Ordering a Business Card Website from a Web Studio

By turning to our company, you will receive a high-quality design for your business card website that matches the theme of your services, and a convenient administrative panel to easily adjust information and add new materials. Your website will be developed by professionals, taking into account the promotion strategy, and tasks will be completed qualitatively and within the specified time frame. We provide reporting at every stage of platform creation. For more detailed information, please contact the web studio at the phone number listed on the website.