site in the search engines

Creation or transfer of an existing business to the World Wide Web


01 Stage

Formation of the semantic core

Assembly and clustering

02 Stage

Working with SEO text

Selling format that attracts people and is welcomed by search engines

03 Stage

Conducting an audit

Internal and external analysis of the reasons that weaken promotion

04 Stage

Implementation of sitelinks

Purchasing and facilitating natural link growth

05 Stage

Increasing user confidence in the site

By improving a number of commercial factors

06 Stage

Using effective tools

Analysis and identification of new useful marketing channels


You can significantly save time and speed up business development if you order SEO promotion services already at the development stage. The site from the first minutes of its existence will become useful for customers and attract the attention of users. With it, search engine promotion of sites will work much more efficiently, since everything is tailored for this. Google will appreciate a well-designed site and begin to push it higher and higher up the coveted ladder of tops.


Along with the growing traffic, you will get a significant increase in sales and quickly become a worthy competitor for well-known sites. SEO optimization services are the key to business success and new opportunities. It’s about setting a goal and consistently, effectively achieving it with the help of competent specialists, the right tools and many years of team experience in working with clients from Ukraine and other countries.


We work with sites in various niches and we are sure that any of them can be taken to the top with the right approach. SEO optimization and promotion in our company is a guarantee of results in a short time at a reasonable price. When working with us, you can count on:

  1. Continuous monitoring of results and progress. So we have the opportunity to quickly respond to force majeure and changed circumstances that sometimes lie in wait on the Internet.
  2. Quality snippet settings. Another nice bonus for users who would like to have quick access to contacts to get in touch with you.
  3. Full reporting every month. We collect statistics, compare it with the previous period, develop a plan for the next one and provide you with all the information on a monthly basis.

We are a team of professionals who love and know their business. We fulfill all agreements and quickly implement the tasks with full responsibility for the result and deadlines. At the same time, the cost of services for website promotion in search engines pays off in a short time and you get a steady profit.

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How much does website promotion cost?

Pricing is based on a well-regulated system, but the payment amount for each client is individual. Thus, the price for services for a website in development or for SEO promotion of an online store can vary significantly. Many factors affect both pricing and implementation time, such as:

  1. The level of competitiveness of other websites.
  2. Region, location of potential users and customers.
  3. How much time is needed for preparation before promotion – conducting an audit, making corrections and recommendations.
  4. The number of necessary internal optimizations. These can include all the settings that make the site more attractive and convenient for the end-user.
  5. The number of high-frequency queries that need to be moved to the top positions. The more there are, the longer the process takes, and the more expensive the service is.
  6. The degree of remoteness of the site position compared to the desired level.
  7. The number of modifications that sometimes need to be made due to the variability of search engines, which regularly complicate algorithms.

Find out now how much it costs to order website SEO optimization for you in our company. Take the opportunity to start promoting it as soon as possible. Our specialists and consultants are ready to explain in detail what the optimal strategy will be and what will be needed for it. It’s time to show everyone what your website is capable of!