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Usability optimization – site analysis and error correction when identifying a mismatch between the purpose and functionality of an online business. An incompletely thought out structure of a web page leads to a decrease in conversion and deterioration in statistics, and, therefore, a decrease in income.

A web resource should perform, first of all, the task of making it convenient for visitors to use: clear navigation, errors in the program, a complex ordering system, and more. If there is no absolute comfort in this, the reasons are identified, the usability of the site is analyzed, then the problems are eliminated.


01 Stage

Conducting an analysis of the target audience

The study of the factors that cause the desire to make a targeted action on the site of potential and regular customers. For example, a lack of information on a topic of interest.

02 Stage

Analytics of the paths through the site, which are chosen by the majority of visitors

These are called conversion paths. They start from the entry point to the site until the target action is completed. For this, heat maps, a web visor, conversion statistics based on data from the results of the sales funnel are used.

03 Stage


It is necessary to find all the factors that reduce the conversion using the analysis of user behavior on the site.

04 Stage

Accounting for the results of competitors

Using competitor analytics will help you create a unique design and stand out from other offers on the market.

05 Stage

Create a list of recommendations

This is a clear guide to achieving the goal by improving the structure, design and functionality of the site.

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“Pitfall” of usability accomplishment

The most serious problem is the lack of a usability audit as a tool. Without comprehensive statistical data on the effectiveness of the web page structure, it is practically impossible to create a quality resource. In order to make the product truly “usable” and high-quality, you will have to:

  • invest in it certain funds, finance the services of professionals;
  • acknowledge that some previously made decisions are ineffective;
  • rebuild some elements of online business to increase conversion.

All the bullet points should be left as they are, with each one on a separate line. You just need to order a usability analysis from our company to speed up the slow development of your business as much as possible by optimizing the site functionality. We provide services to clients from Ukraine and some other countries from any niche. Contact us now to discuss whether you need a professional usability analysis of your site and how much it will cost. The price of our help is absolutely proportional to the result, and in the long term, you can see that it is even cheap and definitely worth it.

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